Thursday, August 13, 2009

I love Spam

A kooky spam paragraph came to my work email address today and while I have no idea what evil product or virus it is trying to trick me into opening,the word nerd in me really likes the far out Victorian vibe it accidentally dispenses. I chopped it up a bit and turned it into a poem of sorts. Maybe spam writers are the next beat generation?

E and Broth

From Heintz

Ster was looking distressed,
speaking French,
swimming in fierce waves,
and bathing in winds.

Mercurious E and Broth.

The pleasure of hunger
was easily satisfied
in the smoking hut
the Hunchback rakes ashes
and gave birth to fish.

Mercurious E and Broth.

Soft things, woven silk
frocks of fine texture
came from London.
Oh the beautiful colors.
So strange. So exotic.

Mercurious E and Broth.

But these are warn now
never replaced.
She never wore shoes
except for her Mother's funeral.

Mercurious E and Broth.

Invulnerable to stones
and bramble
her legs and feet were
tough and brown
but her father never realized.


  1. I think there might need to be a 'spam band' with lyrics from unsolicited emails.

  2. I think a dude from Sonic Youth released a poetry book based on spam emails. Lee Renaldo maybe?