Wednesday, February 24, 2010

7 & 7 Is Calling

The only thing I can say about the movie Crazy Heart is that it inspired me to Google two of my half siblings to see if there was a recent obituary for either one of them. My tone if very matter of fact here. Their untimely demise is no longer tragic to me, it is expected just like I expect the timing belt on my 2000 Honda to expire any day as well.

The truly sad apart about this, other than having hurtful drunks in my family with whom I refuse to speak to ever again, is the fact that I don't even know what name they go by these days to find them.

Oh well. I am truthfully better off not knowing. I found this old poem written maybe in 2000 about one of them.

7 & 7 Is Calling

It is a solo act
practiced until he passes out,
his liver shuts down,
or the local police
pull the curtain down.

It is after 2AM and
the audience is hushed.

In fact I WAS sleeping.

It is 7 & 7 calling
ready to take

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